Decking terrace painting in South Kensington

At this property in South Kensington, we restored the decking on the terrace and gave it a whole new lease of life. After thoroughly cleaning the wood, we then sanded, stained and treated the decking, so that it looks beautiful and will last for years to come. We restore all kinds of decking with industry-led materials and after preparing the surface we will paint or stain as required.

Paint: Cuprinol – Cedar Fall

At Capital Painter, we use the highest quality materials and our expertise to get wooden decking on terraces and patios looking back to its beautiful best. Weather, exhaust fumes, city pollution and just general wear and tear all take a toll on exterior decking over time, leaving the wood looking tired and faded. Left untreated, the deck can eventually crack or warp and, apart from looking unattractive, it may no longer be fit for purpose.

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