Exterior and windows painting in Lee

Exterior painting in Lee

This house in Lee had faded, stained paint on the outside, leaving it looking a little down at heel. We agreed with a new colour scheme with the owner that would help bring out the architectural features of the building, then we set about preparing the surfaces for painting.


It was decided to highlight the house’s windows and doorway by painting them a bright white in contrast to the walls of the house. The light cream was also used on the base of the walls to give the house a traditional look reminiscent of Georgian townhouses.

Pale green was chosen for the walls of the building, giving the property a classic, high-quality feel. The traditional theme was continued with a vivid red chosen for the front door. The front step was also painted in a traditional fashion with white edges along a bare middle section. The end result was a house that looked fresh, but that had an appealing classic style.



Exterior painting in Lee (before)

Paint Used:

  • Front wall – Dulux Weatershield “Grenn Ivy”
  • Front wall trims around windows – Dulux Weatershield “Classic Cream”
  • Windows – Dulux gloss “White”
  • Entry Door – Dulux Weatershield Satin “Monarch”

If you want to transform the look of your house with a new colour scheme, or simply freshen up the existing paintwork then please don’t hesitate to give Capital Painter a call to discuss your requirements.

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