Arsenic front door

Arsenic front door

The allure of a front door painted in Farrow and Ball’s Arsenic is undeniable, offering a striking blend of history and modernity. This colour choice is a favourite among discerning front door painters who appreciate its unique blend of vibrancy and elegance. Arsenic is not just a colour; it’s a statement, drawing from a rich historical background while providing a fresh, contemporary look.

Despite its name, derived from the notorious poison rumoured to have been in the wallpaper that contributed to Napoleon’s downfall, the colour itself is a vivid mint, embodying freshness and vitality. This juxtaposition between its historical association and its actual hue makes an Arsenic front door both a conversation starter and a testament to a homeowner’s bold aesthetic choices.

Choosing Arsenic for a front door is not just about applying a coat of paint; it’s about creating an entrance that captivates and welcomes. Front door painters specialising in using Farrow and Ball paints understand the importance of such a choice. They recognize that an Arsenic front door becomes more than just part of a home’s exterior—it becomes an integral part of its character and charm.

In conclusion, the choice of Farrow and Ball’s Arsenic for a front door is a decision that combines artistic flair with historical intrigue. It reflects a homeowner’s desire not only for quality and durability, which farrow and ball painters are known to deliver, but also for creating a distinctive and inviting entrance to their home. An Arsenic front door is a bold statement that blends the past and present.

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