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Do you want to give your home’s exterior a fresh new look? If so, choosing the right exterior paint colour is vital as it can either make or break how your home turns out. The goal is to select exterior house paint colours UK based that are eye-catching, attractive, make a big impact and reflect your home’s personality and lifestyle.

Here are four tips to help you choose the right exterior paint colours for your home.

1. Assess Your Home’s Personality

Every home has a personality that’s influenced by its geographical location, neighbourhood and house style. All these provide a guidance and reference point when selecting your home’s exterior paint colours as detailed below.

House Style

If your house style is Victorian, bold hues may feel out of place. You’re better off using darker colours and deep shades as they enhance unique architectural details. On the other hand, if it’s a ranch-style home, steer clear of exuberant colours and stick to neutral shades of beige, brown, or grey.

Whether your home style is French, colonial, cottage, or Mediterranean, only pick an exterior paint colour that complements and matches the style.


Your neighbourhood can offer revelations about possible exterior house paint colours UK homes can benefit from. Simply look at the type of houses that dominate your area and the dominant themes. Are there more historic homes or newer suburb houses? Do many houses use vibrant colours or darker shades? These questions give you a great starting point for picking your exterior paint colour.

Geographical Location

If you live in an area that’s always sunny, you want to pick a bright and colourful exterior paint as it’ll look good in the sun. Alternatively, for lower-light areas, subtle colours are a better option.

2. Use Nature As A Backdrop For Your Colour Selection

Your home environment can give you inspiration for your exterior paint colours. For example, if mountains surround your house, various shades of blue such as mountain sky blue and adventure blue can impact your exteriors beautifully.

If you live in a tropical region, colours such as turquoise, aqua and deep orange are ideal as they’re cheerful and evoke sunshine.

When using nature as a backdrop for your home’s colour selection, take a look at the natural colours found around your home. This can be anything from the luscious green grass in your garden to the palm trees in your neighbourhood. Then, pick a colour that compliments or matches the natural surroundings.

You can also coordinate multiple colours from mother nature to enhance the appearance of your home. For example, the combination of fall colours like brown, red and golden shades work well.

3. Recreate From Past Memories

You can source colour inspirations from past memories, particularly what you’ve seen on vacations. A good example is the white towns of Andalusia which are popular vacation spots. Many homeowners are often fascinated with the beautiful white houses that appear charming, and they may want to recreate them by painting the exterior of their homes creamy white, snow white or ivory white.

Others who go for vacation in tropical and island destinations may want to recreate the bright amusing houses that use colours such as sunny yellow, coral, peach and turquoise. Remember, you can draw inspiration from any vacation spot as long as it’s something you love and think it can work for your home.

Similarly, you can recreate your childhood home or your grandparent’s house if you want something memorable and nostalgic. Whatever you choose, ensure you’re picking exterior house paint colours UK based that give your old house a fresh new look.

4. Use History For Ideas

Consider your home’s architectural details and history when selecting the ideal exterior paint colour. If you have an old Victorian-style house, you want to keep its historic character and original colours by picking colours that match pre-existing features. Take it up a notch by choosing an accent colour that emphasizes your home’s architectural details. It’ll look more realistic and attractive than picking a colour that follows modern trends.

If you don’t know your home’s history, you can check with your city’s Chamber of Commerce or any historical organisation with information regarding the original colours and age of your house. This will give you a better idea of the historical colour palettes you can choose to enhance the appearance of your home’s exterior.

Take your time when choosing the exterior paint colours for your home and test the colours to see how they look at different times of the day. It’s wise to get expert help from professional exterior painters like Capital Painter as they can advise you accordingly on the colours that work best for your home.

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