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Dedicated to the artistry of elevating London’s interiors, our seasoned team of wall painters boasts a rich repertoire of iconic projects that echo the city’s vibrant blend of old and new. From the meticulously restored historic townhouses lining the cobbled streets of Notting Hill to the chic, modern apartments rising high above London’s skyline, we approach every project with a singular vision: to bring walls to life with unparalleled craftsmanship. Leveraging years of expertise, each stroke we make is committed to quality, ensuring that London’s architectural legacy is preserved and innovatively reimagined.

Painting & Dedorating services

Wall painting Services

Experience the pinnacle of wall painting and decorating in London. Our skilled painters combine time-honoured techniques with today’s trends, transforming interiors into breathtaking masterpieces.

Interior wall painted
Mantas and team were absolutely fantastic. I was very impressed with the end result of the redecoration of my entire flat. It looks and feels like a brand new property. The service was extremely professional. I would have no hesitation in recommending Capital Painter and will definitely be using them again. A very satisfied customer.
James Connor
Job in St. John's Wood
Interior painter London
Feature wall

Make it pop: Feature walls that speak volumes.

Feature wall painting

Specialists in the art of feature walls. With expert precision and a keen eye for design, we transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary masterpieces, ensuring every wall tells a captivating story.

Wall repair

From flaws to flawless: Wall repair done right.

Wall repair

More than just wall painters: At the heart of our service lies a commitment to excellence. We offer expert wall repairs for any damage, ensuring a flawless surface and a pristine finish to enjoy interiors as good as new.

Wall painter

Every wall, a canvas: Paint perfection in every space.

General wall painting

Transforming spaces with precision and passion: Our general wall painting services breathe fresh life into rooms, creating harmonious atmospheres that resonate with beauty and function.

Wall colour match

Perfectly paired: Where walls meet their match.

Wall colour match

Masters of Color Precision. Whether you’re looking to recreate a specific shade or find the perfect complementary hue, our expertise ensures your walls match your vision impeccably.

Let's bring your walls to new standards

Capital Painter is the number one choice if you’re considering an interior painting project in London. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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