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One of the most visually rewarding projects you can do is to give your home a new look with a fresh paint job

Decorators Wood Green

Not many of us are conversant with the kinds of paints available in the market. Find out about your options with paint types from your painters Wood Green. Capital Painter would give you the pros and cons of water-based or oil-based paints.

Water-based paints use water as a solvent. You can choose to go with water-based latex paint for your home as it is environment friendly and easy to maintain. Such paints dry easily and come in a wide range of colours and sheens. Painters and decorators Wood Green would not need to pre-treat the walls for water-based paints. Your walls will not fade in sunlight and their finish is most often resistant to cracks. But one of the biggest disadvantages is that they can delaminate from the walls in case of seepage or damp walls. Oil-based paints were mostly suggested for kitchens and bathrooms or areas that were prone to getting wet. They offer a glossy finish and lend a smooth finish that lasts longer. Such paints are more expensive and might carry some sort of odour on account of the solvents used.

Select colours from the range offered by Capital Painter that will give a feeling of expanse and will bring in the perception of open space. Take the expert advice of a decorator in Stoke Newington to enhance your interiors.  Most decorators Green Wood would suggest a good quality matter paint for the living room and the bedrooms. They would lend a rich sheen that would reflect the ambient lights and lend a wonderful ambience.  Go in for a consistent colour theme as per a colour palette. It is then easier to work around the similar colour scheme. You are in fact setting the mood for the house with the colours you choose.

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