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One of the most visually rewarding projects you can do is to give your home a new look with a fresh paint job

Tottenham Painters and Decorators

Ask any painter and decorator Tottenham in North London and he would tell you that paints and textures can add depth and dimension to any space. In fact, your house reflects your personality and paints help you do just that. It’s not just the paints that enliven your walls, textures go a long way in personalizing the space. With textures, you can bring a drab corner to life or even provide a soothing background for a wall mural. The decorators Tottenham would help you choose the right paints and textures based on the size of the room, the light it receives, and its décor.

By playing with textures, the painter Tottenham would lend your walls a unique identity to accent walls. If you already have your décor and furniture picked out, then you need to use those elements to juxtapose and infuse the right colour on the walls. The colour palette plays a vital role in lending a room a vibe. Check out the range of paints offered by Capital Painter.

For your living room, you might want to go in for neutral shades like French vanilla, aqua mint, champagne, or even white. Even white comes in a staggering number of shades. Here, the painters can show you undertones and overtones. Kitchens are tricky as maintenance is the main area of concern. Matte paints in the kitchen are not advisable as they might be difficult to wipe down in case of spills.  Similarly, bathrooms would also do well with glossier sheen.

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