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One of the most visually rewarding projects you can do is to give your home a new look with a fresh paint job.

Chingford Painters and Decorators

If you're tired of the dated decor in your Chingford home, our painters and decorators can help to give your interior and your exterior new life without breaking your painting and decorating budget. Our professional team will come up with a plan for new wall colours and new accents that will make your rooms look fresh and new again, just in time for the coming season. Call us at on 075 7635 8261 to set up an appointment. The different kinds of interior decorating that we will do for you from painting to hanging of your wallpapers is carried out throughout the year. We will use standard paints or any kind of paint that you prefer. If you ever have a specific shade of paint you want to use, you just need to give us a sample and we will match it for you.

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