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Issues When Painting and Decorating Large Spaces in London

Every time you paint and decorate large homes or commercial spaces by yourself, expect some mistakes to happen, especially if you lack the expertise and the right tools for these activities. Hence, it is recommended that you hire commercial painters in London to avoid the following costly mistakes and issues associated with painting and decorating large spaces:

Prioritising the paint before the furnishings and decorative elements – Paint may be one of the biggest aspects of a large area’s interior design, but it should not always be the first thing you should think about and purchase. Think about the design that you want first, as well as the types and styles of the furniture you have or intend to buy. Take note of patterns on your rug, upholstery, drapes, curtains, and pillows, too. That way, you have a better basis of what colour of paint should go with those elements.

Not measuring your space – A large space may make you think that you have enough room for any type or size of furniture, only to realise that what you have bought is too overwhelming or too big. Hence, consult with commercial painters in London and ask them for help when measuring your space. That way, you can purchase furniture and other decorative elements that will fit right and will not eat up too much space.

Settling for low-quality and cheap paint – Sure, you could save money today, but if the paint starts to chip and fail in a few months, you could be paying more for rework. Hence, it is better to invest in high-quality paint that is proven to last longer and will provide a protective layer for your walls and other aspects of the property.

Lack of natural light – Natural sunlight can easily brighten up a room and perk you up. If a large space lacks the option to have natural light, it will look dull and dreary. Hence, make sure there are enough windows, and make sure you have the right blinds or drapes for privacy and to minimise the brightness in the room.

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