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One of the most visually rewarding projects you can do is to give your home a new look with a fresh paint job

Helpful Tips for Painting the Premises in London

  • Helpful Tips for Painting the Premises in London

Painting a house may seem easy, but it actually involves quite a handful of factors and tasks you must consider to ensure high-quality results that will last longer. Hiring painters in London is often the smarter move as it saves you from the trouble of doing everything yourself. But if you still insist on doing some of the work, here are helpful tips that can help you paint your home and avoid the hassle that often comes with the job:

  • Understand your home’s features – Professional painters in London take time to navigate around your home’s lighting, railings, decorative hardware, doors, windows, and other features that will affect your choice of colours of paint. Take it from them and do the same. That way, you can pick the right kind and colours of paints, and you can perform the necessary preparations and priming.
  • Fix problems, prime properly – Painters in London take time to fix cracks, holes, and other problems on the surface that must be painted before priming. The surface must be cleaned, too, as a filthy surface can prevent the paint from sticking well. A primer will help the paint stick and last longer. It may prevent untimely cracking and chipping, too. In most cases, the primer will make the paint look better, unlike when refuse to use one and the paint dries up looking dull.
  • Painting outside? Begin in the shade – Fresh paint will dry too quickly under direct sunlight, resulting in premature blisters and flaking, as it will not stick well to the surface, even if you prime. The sun changes positions throughout the day, so you can move to another shady spot later. Otherwise, paint on a cloudy day, as long as there is less to no chance of rain. You may want to check the weather report on this.
  • Cover the necessary areas – Spatters and spills can happen when you least expect them. So, painters in London recommend covering your floors, carpeting, and other areas where you do not want the paint to be. Consider using a thick canvas or a plastic sheeting or tarp instead of regular newspapers, as they are more durable.

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