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2017 Office Painting and Decorating Trends in London

Modern offices are big on ergonomics and open spaces. Some, however, overlook one essential element to creating an even more productive and stimulating workspace—colour scheme. According to painting and decorating London experts, colours and even the amount of saturation and sheen your office walls have can affect the way you work and deal with people and situations that come your way in the workplace.

  • 2017 Office Painting and Decorating Trends in London

It is no secret that the environment you move in can impact your level of creativity, energy, and focus. Painting your office walls different colours—according to a particular area’s purpose—can have a tremendous effect on your teamwork, productivity, energy, and enthusiasm Below are some precious insights on colour psychology that you can apply as you plan for your upcoming office redecoration and repainting project:

  • Colour influences a person’s perception of the environment strongly. Studies show that there are evident physiological changes that occur when people are exposed to particular colours. There are four psychological primary colours including red (affects the body), blue (affects the mind), yellow (affects confidence), and green (affects balance between mind, body, and emotions).

  • Blue is a good fit for detail-oriented spaces and brainstorming areas as it promotes a sense of trust and stimulates communication. Blue also influences efficiency and since it has a calming effect, it keeps blood pressure well under control when disagreements arise.

  • Yellow is ideal as an accent colour especially in high energy and highly creative spaces. It induces optimism, energises, and stimulates, but could lead to increased temper and anxiety when used too much. Combined with other calming and soothing hues, it can help you achieve a well-balanced space, perfect for fast-paced work.

  • Red is ideal for spaces that require a lot of physical activity and areas where people tend to work late into the night as the colour stimulates and increases brain wave activity.

  • Green on the other hand, is perfect for innovative spaces where creativity and harmony of ideas are encouraged.

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